Bianchi Aviation Film Services - Pilots

We have throughout the UK & Europe a dedicated team of pilots available for the Film industry, Including:

Tony Bianchi

Tony BianchiTony has been involved in the film & television industry since 1963 working on over 150 productions, initially as an engineer pilot, cutting his teeth on some of epic films of that era which included, “Those magnificent Men in their Flying Machines” “The Blue Max” & Mosquito Squadron”.

By the 70s Tony was already flying in aerobatic contests & airshows & in 1974 he became a member of the British Aerobatic Team flying in major championships throughout the World, continuing until the mid 90s. With this past background of precision flying & over 500 airshow demonstrations in all types of aircraft including WW2 fighters has given Tony a unique feel for the particular flying demanded by the film industry.

Tony has flown on over 100 productions of Film, Television & Commercials during the last 35 years. Co-ordination, aerial sequence direction, doubling & technical advising are all part of the services offered by Tony, he is backed by an excellent team of dedicated action pilots & engineers from their home base near Marlow in the UK.

Other credits include: “The Eagle Has Landed”, “Aces High”, “Indiana Jones”, “The Mummy” & recently “ First Light”, “Churchill at War” & “Stella Artois” to name but a few.

In his spare time Tony has a passion for motorsport & races all over the UK & Europe in Historic events, regularly co-driving with his wife Pia, she is a leading light in the management of BAFS filming projects & is also a pilot.

On a day to day basis Tony runs Personal Plane services with Pia restoring & operating old aircraft for private owners & collectors worldwide.

Jonathan Whaley

Jonathan WhaleyJonathan comes from an enviable background in many things not least he followed in his late fathers footsteps with a career as a Naval fighter pilot. Starting in 1965 Jonathan flew all of the best fighters the Navy had to offer - The Phantom, Sea Vixen, Hunter and so on, specialising in air combat and carrier operations. On leaving the the Navy in 1973 he joined his fathers engineering company but continued flying for fun and sport with gliding and aerobatics with light aircraft.

In the the early 80s Jonathan decided to take up competition aerobatics, becoming British Advanced Champion! The association with his friend Tony Bianchi and his exceptional flying qualities led Jonathan to begin assisting with the demands on the Bianchi’s company for airshow appearances with their collection of early biplanes & wartime fighters.

Jonathans demonstrations with aircraft from 1910 Bleriot to Spitfire and latterly his displays with his personalised Hawker Hunter “Miss Demeanour” are testament to the qualities & the level of military precision required for today’s motion picture flying.

Jonathan has worked since 1987 flying on many well known productions acting as chief pilot on a wide variety of civilian and military aircraft. A vast knowledge of air to air combat “Dog Fighting” and low altitude flying puts Jonathan at an advantage for many of the WW1 and WW2 films that Bianchi’s handle. “The last Crusade”, “Born to Ride” , “The Mummy”, “American Knight” are just a few of his credits.... Jonathan’s hobbies & pastimes are numerous.